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Marcus van der Kloet
Marcus van der Kloet
Fiscal lawyer

Born: February 1968

Training: Tax law, University of Amsterdam

Work experience: working as an independent entrepreneur since 1989

Languages: English, French, German

Sport: Boxing, sailing, diving, skiing, running

Liselore van Gorp
Liselore van Gorp

Born: October 1977

Training: International Relations, University of Amsterdam

Work experience: Self-employed entrepreneur

At &VDK since: June 2015

Languages: English, Spanish

Sport: Tennis, fitness

Michelle Scheffer
Michelle Scheffer
Office Assistant & Moneybird Consultant

Born: November 1994

Training: Accounting

Work experience: Sales and Hotelerie

At &VDK since: December 2019

Languages: English

Sport: Yoga

Marlou Nijland
Marlou Nijland
Office Assistant & Tax Consultant

Born: July 1993

Training: HBO Bachelor Textile Engineering & Management

Work experience: Buying Assistant

At &VDK since: October 2019

Languages: English, German

Sport: Yoga, bootcamp

Brenda Meyerhoven
Brenda Meyerhoven

Born: Juni 1986

Training: HBO Rechten, HvA Amsterdam

Work experience: Payroll administration, Accounting and Legal consultant (LLB)

At &VDK since: July 2021

Languages: English

Sport: Swimming

Medewerker M/V
Our new collegue
Office Assistant



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