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We can assist you with:

  • Setting up your administration
  • Taking care of your administration (fully or partially)
  • Real-time access to your records with a clear dashboard
  • Automatic booking of electronic invoices
  • Reports, such as liquidity forecasts, management reports, etc.


If you employ people, you will be dealing with payroll taxes. The tax authorities are responsible for levying the wage tax and public insurance premiums.

The payroll tax return must be submitted per month. These tax returns are a result of the the payroll administration and must be filed electronically to the tax authorities.

We can help you with the payroll administration and provide the following services:

  • Payroll
  • Registering new employers & employees at the Tax Authorities
  • Registering expat-employees in The Netherlands
  • Providing annual salary reports
  • Taking care of filing the payroll output to the UWV and the Tax Authorities
  • Drafting salary and wage tax calculations

Annual Accounts and management reports

Our office is certified by the Dutch Order of Administration and Tax experts (NOAB). Because the NOAB requires high standards from its members and the quality of their work and processes, nowadays for most banks it proves to be sufficient to receive annual accounts from a NOAB certified office. No additional (and costly) audit statement is needed.

We can file the annual accounts at the Chamber of Commerce and, if desired, we will provide interim reports to you, such as monthly or quarterly reports, liquidity forecasts, management reports etc.

The fee for annual accounts starts from EUR. 500 each.

All prices we have used or published are subjected to VAT (not included).

Financial Advice

We advise start-ups / starting entrepreneurs with the choise of the legal entity for the company, the business plan and financing applications.

Established companies can contact us for advice on investments, financing, cost calculations and the (legal) shape and from of any cooperation.

Advice can be taken on an ad hoc basis.

Our clients receive our ongoing advice on the consequences of changed laws and regulations and/or changing (business) conditions for their company.

Whatever kind of advice you choose, it starts with a personal interview in which we make an inventory of your wishes and demands. This forms the basis for a plan of action, focused on you and your company.

The fee for a financial advice starts at EUR. 75 per hour to EUR. 175,-per hour, depending on the experience and expertise of the consultant.

All prices we have used or published are subjected to VAT (not included).

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