Quality is important: for you and for us.

Quality for us means expertise, integrity and experience. Our tax specialists are affiliated with the Dutch Order of Tax advisers (NOB). In addition, & Vander Kloet is certified by the Dutch Order of Administration and Tax experts (NOAB). The various programs of both organizations keep our knowledge and expertise constantly up to date.


NOB logo

Dutch Order of Tax advisers

The NOB is the professional association of university-trained tax advisers in the Netherlands. The NOB is established in 1954, defends the common interests of its members and promotes high-quality professional practice.

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NOAB keurmerk

Dutch Order of Administration and Tax experts

The NOAB is the branch organization for administrative offices and tax advisers, working in SMEs. NOAB membership is granted if an administration or tax consultancy firm meets a set of (quality) requirements. An office with a NOAB logo guarantees quality, craftsmanship and up-to-date knowledge of it’s members.

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Exact Online

Exact Online

For the (payroll) administration we use Exact Online and we are a certified office by Exact.

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For the simple  administrations we use Moneybird  and we are certified by Moneybird.

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Horizontal Monitoring

Our office has the ability to enable companies and its owners to participate in the Tax Authorities' Horizontal Monitoring.

Horizontal monitoring involves mutual trust between the Tax Authorities and the taxpayer. If you're not under horizontal monitoring, your tax return will be audited by the Tax Authorities afterward. With horizontal monitoring, the focus shifts from post-audit control to prior coordination and alignment.